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English antique furniture is more than a sum of its parts, but the parts are often varied and different so that the whole seems disconcertingly complex. There is a logic, of sorts, to English furniture, but there are also delightful eccentricities. I revel in them and will, for example, buy a great country piece as readily as a great high style piece, despite the obvious differences in decorative appeal. It is great furniture that appeals to me—it has to be special. I have been in this business in one form or another for thirty-nine years and there has never been a moment when I have wanted to do something else. Please browse, ask questions and, best of all, come and visit. I guarantee that you will find great beauty herein.

Hours: 10am-6pm Mon-Fri, Sat. by appt.

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The belief that the world will end if we don’t take an action, almost any action, has come to be the norm for governments. It is a dangerous state as it forces everyone to think in black and white, good guy vs. bad guy. The harm that it can do is enormous and, if you think about such moments in history, they tend to lead to authoritarian rule. People in power  make decisions that are based on instinct and if those instincts are wrong, oh boy.

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